About Us

K & L Candles is a dream born from Dr. Kimla’s childhood in Mississippi, where she spent countless hours in her grandma’sflower garden. She knew every flower and scent and understood the meaning of God’s handy work from an incredibly early age. She is powered by God, and always has been. Mixing and matching scents is a passion of Dr. Kimla. She has specifically worked on scents that enhance – Energy – Focus – Happiness – Relaxation – Mood – Balance – Love

Dr. Kimla has always been inspired to research ways of becoming more self-sufficient and sustainable. Creating a homemade, limited ingredient product instead of potentially toxic, store-bought product became a mission and the foundation for K & L Candles. During the research process Dr. Kimla found that paraffin candles are a major contributor to indoor pollution. K & L Candles are hand poured, small batch, renewable candles, made only with wild crafted, fragrance oils. They are free of paraffin and phthalates. 

  • Candles are made of coconut based waxed & essential oils.
  • All natural cotton wicks
  • Each candle has a burning life of 70-80 hours.
  • All natural and non-toxic which makes them safe to breathe in.

Our scents are also more comparable to fine designer perfumes and colognes versus just a normal candle scent.